Everyday we listen to songs on the radio, play songs our phones, or sing the songs from our childhood. But, what do you really know about the famous hymnal anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing?” Here’s a chance to make history by learning about the history of the song.

There are 5 reasons for you to join this movement.

  • The singing of the Lift Every Voice and Sing anthem, By James Weldon Johnson, affirms us as black people and gives us a feeling of liberation. It liberates us to think freely as a people, who have helped to build America. African Americans are a vital part of America, and thus we should be recognized as such.
  • More than 70% of all professional football and basketball players are African American, thus making them a vital part of American sports and society. American public school districts should be encouraged to include the anthem in American History curriculum because it is a part of American History and American children should know about it. Overall, the anthem is a significant part of African- American history ,and learning about it and its history could enhance the self-image of African-American students who don’t receive a sufficient opportunity to learn about African-American achievements and contributions.
  • There have been over 15 college and professional athletic teams which have joined the movement. Newspapers have conducted interviews, printed the success stories of teams being participatory, and literature has been distributed to continue to educate more and more citizens.
  • We are educationally promoting the performance of the anthem to the NBA teams, NCAA Teams, NFL teams and public school systems throughout the United States of America.
  • YOU will have a feeling of making history yourself when you have participated in this movement..

Join The Movement

By joining the “Lift Every Voice And Sing” movement, you are supporting a much needed effort to recognize the significant historical contribution of African-Americans to American history, in general, and to college and professional sports, in particular. by exposing Americans of all races to a song that is universally referred to as the “Black National Anthem”. Your financial support of this effort will help spread this message and influence professional and college athletic leagues to make “Lift Every Voice And Sing” a customary part of pregame or halftime performances during Black History Month.